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3 Benefits of using Phone Answering Services

Phone answering services may seem like one of those things that only ‘big’ companies use. But you’ll be surprised. Here’s why…


Business is going well, your marketing strategies are paying off and you’re picking up clients at an incredibly fast pace. Everything is working out just as you had planned. 

Except there’s one issue… 

While you’re busy working with your clients, the phone keeps ringing. Not only is it a distraction and slightly annoying to your current client, but you know that every call you miss is potentially another missed opportunity. 

It’s going to create more work later on as you painstakingly go through all your missed calls and try to call everyone back, but worse than that – you know that when you don’t answer your phone, customers in the modern day are highly likely to go and find a competitor. 

Your marketing efforts are both going to waste AND you’re actually boosting the competition! 

You’ve got to do something.

Hiring a company that offers Phone Answering Services may seem like something that only ‘big’ companies can afford, but you’d be surprised and what’s available today and why going down this route actually makes good business sense.  

Using phone answering services saves money 

If you know you need someone to take those calls that keep coming in, outsourcing is cheaper than hiring. You get a trained professional, so there’s no need to spend time, money and effort trying to recruit, hire, train and manage a member of the permanent staff. Not to mention what you do when they take holiday or time off sick. With outsourcing, you only pay for what you use and it is overall cheaper than employing someone.


Increase your availability and build relationships

Using a Phone Answering Service allows your company to be available, even when you’re not. You can focus on your work, while someone else takes the calls for you and you can offer availability outside your normal working hours. Modern customers demand convenience and when they call, they expect a human to deal with their enquiry. 

Professional call handlers can be briefed to go beyond a scripted call and actually help build relationships with your customers. Good relationships are crucial for having happy customers who return to you time and time again. 


Phone answering services generate revenues and return on investment 

75% of customers think that picking up the phone is the fastest way to order something and 85% of customers whose calls you miss, aren’t going to call you back and people increasingly don’t leave voicemails. 

If you’re too busy working, you could be missing calls. This might lead to customers going elsewhere. By simply having someone available to answer the phone, you can keep your customers, build relationships and increase your revenues. 

Nobody knows your business better than you, but using a Phone Answering Service should give you a good return on investment. You’re putting money into this because it will pay for itself and then some. A lot of businesses aren’t aware of their lost opportunity costs because customers don’t tend to leave voicemails anymore. You might miss a call and lose a customer. So factor this into your decision-making process. 

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