Our Administrative Expertise

How We Have Helped Businesses Manage Their Workload

Audio Transcription:

We transcribe a wide range of audio recordings across many industries. Our audio transcription service is used for dictations, focus groups, interviews, polls, media presentations, speaker events across to research and proceedings. Clients include individuals, journalists, academics, professionals, finance institutes, emerging technologies, pharmaceuticals, government departments, police services and many more.

One recent project we worked on involved transcription of a set of interviews that were held with businesses that pitched for a large project.

The company looking to hire a supplier had used an external consultant to interview the different contenders. As the interviews were recorded, the company was interested to receive these in written format, so they could look through the text more easily to make the right decision.

With a tight deadline, the eDivert team made sure that all interviews were transcribed fully by the dates agreed on.

Market Research:

On a regular basis, we provide market research services to a leading surveying company in the UK, that specialises in the elderly care market.

Part of our work includes making calls to care providers in the UK to find out about their operation.

While the company in question found it difficult to motivate their staff to make the large volume of calls that is required for their analytics and reporting, at eDivert we were able to put a consistent team together that carries this work out every time the client requires it.

We have worked together with the customer to:

  • Put a list together of the different data points that need to be included in every conversation
  • Put a script together that’s easy to follow by the team, but at the same time gives room for flexibility, so the conversation flows naturally
  • Put a reporting system in place, to ensure the customer receives regular updates on progress and can access the quality of the work at their convenience

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