How you can reclaim some of your time

I often find, when speaking with business owners, that the challenges they face seem to be age-old ones. Of course, there are always political and economic woes just over the horizon…and the next one after that. We live in an ever-changing world, with an ever-changing landscape, but the issue always seems to be the same; not enough time. Have you ever wondered how you can reclaim some of your time? Read on…


Time Saving Technology

When the industrial revolution came around in the 18th and 19th centuries, everyone thought that the new ‘machines’ would save people a lot of work and we could all reduce our working hours. Fast forward to the 20th and 21st centuries, and with them a whole host of new ‘time-saving’ technology and devices, yet we all seem to be working longer hours and more than before. With smartphones and emails, we never seem to be disconnected from work. 

In many ways, the new technology has benefitted businesses, but the issue of time is still there. Technology aside, there are still ways to save time and one resource that is often overlooked is human resources; especially outsourcing. In the new working world, post-pandemic, it’s arguably far easier to access human resources than ever before in history. 


Outsourced Resources

Making use of outsourced resources is often low down on the business owner’s priority list, or often, not on their radar at all. I’ve had several conversations now and surprised people with just how easy, cost-effective and beneficial such a solution can be. Take using a telephone answering service for example. It can not only save you time but can actually help to increase both your revenues and your profits. 


Call Answering Services

Telephone answering services themselves are actually very affordable now and you only pay for the time actually spent on calls. Compare this to paying for a member of reception staff – where you are paying for their time, the office space and the cost of calls. And for smaller businesses that don’t have a receptionist? Have you considered the cost of missing calls?


Most likely you aren’t aware that people not only will not call you back, but they will just call the next company they can find to fulfil their needs – your competitors. Simply by taking that call the moment it comes in, you are significantly increasing your chances of securing more business. Moreover, if they are existing clients, they are likely to rate your customer service as ‘excellent’, which in turn generates goodwill, word of mouth marketing and increases their loyalty. Before you know it, you’ve retained your existing customers for longer AND likely increased your customer base – all by simply not missing calls. 


Contact eDivert today and find out just how cost-effective and simple a telephone answering solution is for your business, and how you can reclaim some of your time. 

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