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Live Chat Answering - Case Study:

Micronics Ltd

Micronics were looking for a call centre that would be able to answer the live chats on their website on their behalf to increase the number of sales by website visitors and improve their overall customer service.



Micronics Ltd is a company based in High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire. They commenced trading in 1985 and was set up to design and market “Clamp-On” ultrasonic liquid flow meters for industry and commerce.

Since its inception Micronics have sold clamp-on water meters in more than 50 countries, concentrating mainly on portable “Time of Flight” meters.

The range includes portable instruments and fixed meters based on the use of non-invasive ultrasonic sound transmission to detect liquid flow velocity within closed pipes or open channels.

The Micronics product range is also available on a competitive hire basis to provide emergency cover for failed meters and provide customers with the tools to undertake their own short-term flow survey work.

As Micronics sell globally, their website plays an important role in displaying the different devices, their features and their usage.

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Micronics’ website had been up and running for many years. Over the years, the company had improved the lay-out, the content and the user-friendliness of the website. Their ongoing goal was to make sure the website was not only informative and helpful to its visitors, but would also increase the chance of website visitors placing an order there and then with the manufacturer.

An ongoing marketing strategy, including search engine optimization meant that the website received many visitors from all parts of the world. However, Micronics was unsure how relevant these visitors were and how likely they were to buy the product. Nor were they able to establish a direct link between their orders and the website visitors.

This was the moment where their website developer introduced them to eDivert to talk about a Managed Live Chat Solution.

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Live Chat Solution:

eDivert ran a trial for Micronics to get an idea of the number of visitors that would use the Live Chat Answering Service or otherwise called web chat answering, on their website.

  1. As the product that Micronics sell is highly specialised, the eDivert team were provided with training on:


  • The lay-out of the website and how to easily navigate through the website.
  • The basics of how the devices work, so that the team could provide first line support.
  • Where to find on the website answers to Frequently Asked Questions on the different devices, so that the Live Chat Team could easily direct website visitors to the right place.
  • An understanding on what the company cannot help with, so irrelevant conversations with website visitors could be kept short.
  1. With regards to the company requirements, Micronics was mainly looking to use the Live Chat Agents to answer basic questions of prospective customers, as well as gather their contact details. It was agreed that eDivert would forward any chats containing contact details on to the relevant person at Micronics, immediately after the chat, so that the Micronics Sales Team could follow up.


  1. In addition, the Live Chat Answering team at eDivert continue to gather new information about Micronics and update the frequently asked questions, to ensure the customer service they provide to prospects continues to be of a high quality and evolves over time.


Within 3 months Micronics was able to establish that the outsourced live chat management was definitely increasing their sales:

  • They were now able to match the contact details of live chat enquiries with actual orders
  • They were able to follow up on their sales enquiries straight away, without website visitors leaving the website and not contacting them.
  • They were able to get an understanding of what visitors to the website were able to find and where they struggled to find the right information, which assists them with further website development to make the website more user-friendly and increase sales.


eDivert provide contact centre services, including live chat answering throughout the UK, with offices covering:

London: Greater London, including East London and Newham

North-West: Liverpool and Wigan

West England: Ipswich

West-Midlands: Birmingham, Lichfield, Coventry and Nuneaton

South East: including Maidstone, Folkstone and other areas in Kent, Maidenhead, High Wycombe, Reading, Chichester, Bognor Regis, Portsmouth

South West: Swindon, Cheltenham, Gloucester



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