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Specialises in: Telephone Answering, B2B Lead Generation and Facebook Management 

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Wigan-based eDivert franchisee Lyndsey Fletcher’s passion for excellent Customer Service, Telemarketing and Business Development go back a couple of decades, when she first joined the ranks of retail giant The Co-op in the 1990s.  Her successful career allowed her to embrace roles as diverse and specialised as Customer Service, Debt Management, Sales Analysis and Commercial Bid Management at The Co-op Bank.  She then became a Business Development Manager first for Co-op Funeral Planning then later within their Legal Services division. 

A quick learner and highly adaptable, she picked up new skills as she glided along.  

One of the skills she had to learn on the go was how to juggle a work-life balance.  Unfortunately it was a constant struggle.   Like so many high-flyers she had to make a lot of compromise.  However suddenly a year ago the situation turned on its head when, still eagerly seeking meaningful answers to her quest for harmony, she came across eDivert.  She wanted to find quality time to devote to her son, husband and two dogs whilst also enjoying a rewarding career.  With eDivert she was thrilled to learn that she would be able to have a fantastic work-life balance and bring her unique set of skills to the table while fulfilling her inner urge to help small businesses. Driven, self-motivated, extremely communicative and versatile, Lyndsey totally embraces eDivert values. 

Lyndsey’s rich work background has made her highly skilled at targeting business markets.  She is the business to business (B2B) expert, especially in lead generation, A fantastic listener who always lends an ear to clients voicing their underlying problems or issues, it’s no surprise that she wants to offer Telemarketing and Customer Service to her clients.  

Telemarketing is about providing solutions to the right target market.  The latest trend in Customer Service is about exceeding expectations, anticipating questions and issues and making the other person at the receiving end feel comfortable.  

Her research and strategic skills, as well as her commercial awareness and professionalism are assets.  You can rest assured that your work will be carried out to the highest standard.  As a fellow business owner, she understands the level of service that you would expect.  Lyndsey goes the extra mile each and every time.

She believes that being under the umbrella of eDivert she can run a more profitable business.  “eDivert can offer me the level of support I need to make a success of the franchise. I believe that being part of a wider group with a strong brand and leadership is better than building something alone from scratch”, she says.

Another popular service she offers is: Social Media Management.  Lyndsey has a passion for assisting Small Businesses with their Social Media presence; her area of expertise is Facebook.

Lyndsey is also a “Bronze" Certified Xero Partner and get you all set up on Xero ready for Making Tax Digital!


Exceed those sales and marketing targets and offer first-class customer service to your customers by contacting Lyndsey today for: Telephone Answering, Managed Live Chat, Email Marketing, Facebook Management and B2B Lead Generation.

Tel. 01942 356 286.

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"One phone call to Lyndsey and everything is sorted in a flash. She's so friendly and efficient and one of the best problem solvers I have worked with. You know you're in safe hands with Lyndsey on your side."

Jo Godden 


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