Adeeba Ramdjan - eDivert Franchisee, based in Nuneaton

   Specialises in: Administrative Support, Mystery Shopping Call projects, Telephone Answering and B2B Telemarketing

   Providing services to business in Nuneaton, Coventry, Hinckley, Rugby and further afield.

   Tel: 056 0386 8891

   Mob: 07444 729 201

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Telephone Answering Service

 Here's how YOUR Business could Have...

"My Extra Pair Of Hands Without The Cost Of An Extra Employee"

What my Telephone Answering Service Will Do For Your Business...

Take calls for businesses when they’re too busy or unable to take the calls themselves, or perhaps they simply wish to offer their callers a professional reception service without the cost of employing a receptionist themselves.

I'll answer your calls, in your company name, giving the caller the impression that I am a receptionist based at your company (known as an e-Receptionist). I'll then deal with the call according to your instructions. I can also take messages, answer questions and queries, as well as transfer callers directly to you.

Mystery shopping call projects and market research

  • Adeeba has a host of experience in working on mystery shopping call projects for businesses. Projects have included carrying out calls to ensure customer service quality and checking business branches are following operating procedures. Other projects have included gathering market research for different sectors, including the care sector.

Administrative support

  • Audio typing
  • Data base management
  • Providing member support for non-profit organisations 



Human interaction and relationship building are cornerstones of B2B sales. Create personal connections with customers and gain insights into their personalities, interests, attitudes and motivations.

Transform your sales and marketing efforts by partnering with telemarketing expert Adeeba who is flexible, collaborative and results-driven.


Get to know Adeeba

Adeeba joined the eDivert franchise in October 2018. After more than 10 years as an office manager at one of the biggest universities in the Netherlands and running her own import and export business, Adeeba moved to the UK. Adeeba has a host of experience in customer service, as well as in general admin and outbound telesales. Adeeba is a real serial entrepreneur with an excellent understanding of what business owners and companies are looking for when they look at outsourcing their incoming or outbound calls.


We asked Adeeba: What do you believe is key to the growth and maintenance of a strong business?

Getting in contact with people, following up with them and staying in contact. It also helps to understand your customers pain points. Keep your goal in front of you and always keep on adjusting your marketing plans to improve your results.




  • This service is a must for small organisations that want to look big

  • Exactly what you want from an answering service

  • Simple, efficient, effective and great value

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