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At eDivert we offer live chat answering services, also called web chat answering services, to businesses throughout the UK. Any of our offices offer our web chat service, including Lichfield, near BirminghamKettering, near Northampton, ChichesterWigan, Liverpool, LondonIpswich, Nuneaton, near CoventryKent, covering the Ashford and Folkestone area and our head office in the Cotswolds near Cirencester and Swindon.

What is Live Chat?

A way to communicate. Live Chat is a pop-up box that appears on your website, offering to start a conversation with your customers. It can appear where and how you like on the screen, ensuring that it enhances your site, rather than detracting from it. The Chat Box can say whatever you like, but normally offers to help a visitor with any enquiries. It doesn’t pester website visitors, but offers them another way to communicate with your company.

How does it work:

  • The Live Chat is answered by us, the same way we do with telephone enquiries. We chat with visitors as representatives of your company. We can answer basic non-technical questions and explain any special offers or new products that you would like us to. If they require further information, we can obtain all the pertinent information to pass on to you. This means that when you call them you are fully prepared to answer their enquiry.

How does it benefit my business?

  • It starts a conversation. Business websites are like shop fronts, where people can come in and browse around for the things they need, and perhaps find things they didn’t know were available through your company. Live Chat is the equivalent of a shop assistant saying, “How may I help you?” This gives the customer the opportunity to talk to your company; to ask for what they want; to find out more about your company, without picking up the phone. This is made all the easier because we start the conversation by offering to help.
  • It builds a connection with website visitors. Once your visitors have started to use Live Chat, knowing that they are texting with a real person, they will start to feel a connection with your company. If enquiries are technical or require your specialist attention, we can gather all the important information about the visitor and their enquiry. We will then pass this to you, so that you will be fully prepared when you contact them. 
  • It engages customers with your business. The statistics show that people do like to use Live Chat, and that it does capture business that may have otherwise moved to a competitor’s website. 
  • It maintains the chain. New customers often start by browsing websites for a particular product or service. They may browse several similar sites before choosing to contact the provider. Live Chat gives them the opportunity to make an enquiry there and then. They text with a real person in real time. This gives your company the chance to engage straight away with website visitors, making them more likely to become customers.
Live Chat Service By eDivert

How do I get it on my website?

  • The Chat Box is easily installed (and uninstalled) on almost all websites. Our in-house IT specialist can plug it into your website for you. This process usually takes only a few minutes. Once it’s on your site, it’s live and ready for your website visitors to use.

See How It Works?

  • We are waiting to answer any questions you may have on live chat, why not click the box below and see for yourself?

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