Outbound Calling Projects

eDivert can help your company with different kinds of outbound calling requirements. We have experience in projects ranging from telemarketing and cold calling to mystery shopping calls, surveys and market research. Below you will find some examples of projects we have worked on:


Mystery Shopping Telephone Calls

Company: our call centre team at eDivert carried out this mystery shopping call project for a vehicle hire company based in Aylesbury.

Background: the customer has franchise outlets throughout the UK, including near Bristol, the Cotswolds, Liverpool, Chichester, London and Ipswich. They specialise in high quality rentals of 4x4 vehicles.

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Objective of the campaign:

  • To get an understanding on how quickly and how franchisees were responding to incoming enquiries.
  • To identify training requirements.
  • To get an understanding if franchisees were adhering to their franchise agreement and sending business outside of their geographical area to their fellow franchisee.

Method used: eDivert put a questionnaire and several different scenarios together to make sure the right questions were asked in the mystery shopping telephone calls. Calls were then made to the different franchisees on a regular basis. For each call the questionnaire was filled in. This included details about the conversation, as well as customer experience and timings of how quick information and quotes were received after the enquiry. 

Result: the outcome of the campaign helped the customer to identify areas where training was required. In addition, the customer identified areas where franchisees needed to be reminded about the terms of their franchise agreement.


Market Research and Data Analysis Telephone Calls

Company: our eDivert contact centre team provides this Market Research project on a monthly basis for a data analysis company based near Bristol.

Background: The company specialises in advice and data analysis to the care home industry. As a result one of the ongoing activities of the company is to have mystery shopping calls made to care homes in the UK to gain an ongoing understanding of developments in the care home sector.

Objective of the campaign: Previously the outbound mystery shopping calls were carried out by analysts in-house. As this was a costly and time-consuming exercise for their in-house staff, the company found the eDivert call agents as a solution to outsource this work to.

Method used: the customer identified together with eDivert a clear set of scenarios and questions to work from. In addition, eDivert were provided with a list of data points that need to be gathered in every single call.

Result: the analysts that work for the company are now focussed on the work that they are actually qualified for, rather than spending a lot of time making mystery shopping calls. This has increased job satisfaction within the company and reduced the expensive use of analysts.


Outbound Marketing Call Project

Company: A company in Maidenhead that provides computer, tech and app development courses for children.

Background: The company has a head office in Maidenhead, but provides the courses throughout the UK, including areas like Birmingham, Liverpool, Cheshire, London, Chichester and Ipswich.

Objective of the campaign: the aim of the outbound calling campaign was to call schools in the local areas near to where the courses are provided. In the call the schools were then asked if they were willing to email out or hand out a leaflet to their students to promote the holiday camps and tech courses for this provider. The company had made these calls in-house in the past. As the company grew over time and as this project only had to be carried out once or twice a year, the company started to struggle to find the staff available to get through the list of schools each time. This is when they approached the eDivert call centre team.

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Method used: The customer provided the eDivert call agents with access to their online CRM system, which included all the contact data of the schools that needed to be called. In addition, eDivert discussed with the company the different scenarios that were to be expected and the possible outcomes of each call, plus how action would be taken to get the marketing materials sent to the schools that were willing to send these out to pupils.

Result: This project is very time-sensitive every time eDivert carries it out. It is important to send information out about the courses to parents at the right time before the summer holidays. If it is sent to early, people forget about it and if sent to late, they may have made other plans for their children. Each time, eDivert has delivered the project on time and within the deadlines set, including a large majority of schools agreeing to send materials out to parents.

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