Telephone Answering Services

Many different types and sizes of business have times when their telephones go unanswered. There can be any number of reasons for this, but the answer could be the same.

What if there was a centrally located team of fully trained reception staff waiting to answer the phone for each business?

And what if each of these businesses only paid for the time that a receptionist was actually answering the phone for them?

Well, that’s how eDivert works.

At eDivert, we answer all your calls in the name of your business. But as soon as the call ends, you stop paying.

We gather all the important information about your caller, which is then sent to you via email or text.

We can pass on any extra information that you provide us with about your products and services. This can include, for example, special offers or added services. This means that when you make your call to the client, you are fully briefed on their specific requirements.

If you like, we can also patch important or urgent phone calls to your mobile or landline.

When you sign up with eDivert for our live phone answering service, you will be asked to fill out a form to indicate your preferred way of working.

You will then receive an allocated account manager. Your account manager will get to know your business and be the main person to answer phone calls addressed to your business.

Key information about your business and your preferred way of call diverting will also be stored on your account.

Every time the phone rings for your company, this information will pop up so that any of our Receptionists can answer your phone calls, even when your account manager is unavailable.

How can Telephone Answering Services help your business?

  • Virtual Reception – We answer the telephone as though we are based in your own office.
  • Overflow reception – When reception workloads are high in your office, we can catch calls from your customers that would otherwise be missed.
  • Call Centre – New enquiries and existing customers feel that their calls are handled professionally by representatives of your company.
  • Appointment booking/diary management – Our trained staff can manage bookings online and, if required, update you with any changes or additions by email.
  • Sickness/ holiday cover – We can be ready to go at a moment’s notice, to cover staff sickness, meetings or holidays.
  • Detailed information – At eDivert, our agents are trained to gather information about the customer so that you are fully briefed before you contact them.
  • Disaster recovery – If your systems are down for any reason, we can cover your calls and keep your reception running at short notice.
Telephone Answering Service By eDivert

What businesses should use Telephone Answering Services?

  • Larger businesses – Most companies have times when their telephones go unanswered, due to meetings, sick-leave, holidays or periods of high workload. eDivert can cover those times to ensure that your telephones are answered and your business continues to operate smoothly.
  • Small/ Medium Size Enterprises – We can provide full reception services at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own staff, without the worry of absence, sick-leave or holiday cover.
  • Freelancer – Whether you’re driving, on-site or simply out of the office, you can divert your calls to us whenever it suits you. You are then free to start receiving calls again whenever you wish.
  • Low-end users – We understand that start-up companies and smaller businesses may not receive a high volume of calls. For these businesses we have created a ‘pay-as-you-go’ package with no monthly fee.

Some of our clients

  • Medium Size Businesses: Insurance businesses, Care Homes, Dentists, Building Companies.Small Businesses: Home Care Agencies, Accountants, Estate and Letting Agents, Web design and internet businesses, Beauty clinics and Physiotherapists.Sole Traders and Freelancers: Photographers, Plumbers, Electricians, Dog groomers and dog walkers, Mobile Hairdressers.
  • This service is a must for small organisations that want to look big

  • Exactly what you want from an answering service

  • Simple, efficient, effective and great value

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