The team at eDivert, are very excited as they currently rank in the top 10 of Richard Branson’s Pitch to Rich competition.

All top 50 companies will go through to the next round and pitch their business to Richard Branson. Voting is still open until the 5th of May, so eDivert still needs every vote! Will the Maidenhead-based business make a chance to win the fully funded marketing campaign with a value of £150k?

At the end of March this year, Richard Branson’s team at Virgin Media Business opened the famous competition, Pitch to Rich. The competition consists of 3 categories and eDivert, together with more than 700 other UK businesses, entered the Start-up category. Since then eDivert has managed to get a staggering number of votes in. “We are amazed and feel really supported by our network. We couldn’t have come this far without our friends, family, business relations and the Maidenhead residents, who all voted for us,” says Kim van Dongen, Managing Director of eDivert.

To get votes in, eDivert has been posting daily on social media networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and asked people in their networks to vote. In addition, staff have been seen out in the streets in Maidenhead and Windsor to raise awareness amongst residents to vote. Many Maidenhead residents will also have received a leaflet through their door this week, asking to vote for eDivert.

eDivert aims to become the fastest growing company in the Maidenhead area in the next 12 months. As the company grows, there will be a range of jobs becoming available, including jobs for school leavers and apprenticeship places.

eDivert provides a range of services to small and medium size businesses. Their main activity is Telephone Answering Services, where their receptionists answer the phone in the name of the business the call is for. This gives small businesses the opportunity to get new enquiries in, while business owners or staff are out of the office for meetings.

The service that eDivert wants to expand on in particular with the help of Pitch to Rich, is their managed live chat service. Live chat is a little window on a company’s website, which allows the company to chat directly with visitors to their website. eDivert can take care of chatting with the visitors to any company website and help businesses convert visitors to their website into customers.

eDivert feels passionate about helping other businesses grow. “As our prices are on a Pay-as-you-Go basis, even sole traders and start-ups can use our services. For as little as £25 you can get started with Telephone Answering Services or Live Chat,” adds Kim van Dongen, Managing Director at eDivert.

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