Telemarketing Campaigns for Business Insurance Companies

Case Study 2 – A High Wycombe-based Business Insurance Company 

The Goals

  • To build up a regular pipeline of leads to follow up on
  • To ask businesses for their business insurance renewal date for future use
  • To book a minimum of 4 appointments per month

The Campaign that was undertaken by eDivert 

  • We asked the client to define their most profitable customer in terms of industry and company size. Based on this information, we put a list of new data together
  • We targeted 240 different businesses per month with a Telemarketing Campaign
  • We built up a pipeline to follow up on in the future, by asking businesses when their renewal date is
  • Each month, businesses with a renewal date within 90 days received a follow-up call
  • Where businesses asked for information by email, this was sent out the same day. As a result, we built up an email list for email marketing purposes

The Results 

In the first 6 months of the telemarketing campaign:

  • eDivert achieved on average 6 appointments with businesses whose insurance was up for renewal
  • 36 Callbacks were planned each month, for future follow up
  • 27 Emails on average were sent out to those businesses, that requested information. (This was an additional achievement and not part of the original campaign plan.)

Why work with eDivert? 

  • We have experience in Telemarketing for the Business Insurance Industry
  • We have a proven track record of results
  • We use a combination of both a UK-based and international telesales team
  • We only use quality data for your campaigns
  • Each Lead Generation package is tailored to the requirements of your business and the results you are looking to achieve

Some examples of other successful campaigns that eDivert has completed are; gathering renewal date information, building up an ongoing pipeline of leads, gathering email information for email marketing purposes and appointment booking.

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