Telemarketing Campaigns for Law Firms 

Case Study 3 – A Swindon-Based Law Firm

The Goals

  • To generate telephone appointments for the firm to build relationships with new clients by offering 30-minutes of free advice
  • To build up an ongoing pipeline for email marketing and future follow-up calls
  • To send out regular informative emails about business-related legal issues, including case studies, changes in employment law and so on

The Telemarketing and Email Marketing Campaigns undertaken by eDivert 

  • We discussed with the client, which businesses they wanted to target in terms of industry, geography and size
  • Based on this information, we sourced a list of data for 8,000 businesses
  • We designed an email marketing campaign that was sent out every other week
  • The subject of the emails was informative about changes in the law that may affect businesses. In other emails, we described a short case study to show the work the law firm had carried out
  • After each email marketing campaign, we contacted 500 businesses from the list, calling those first, who had opened the email
  • Each business was contacted up to 3 times, if there was no answer or the right person was unavailable

The Results 

Results in the first 3 months of the telemarketing campaign:

  • On average we generated 26 leads a month, where a decision-maker, business owner or director was interested in speaking to one of the lawyers at the firm for a 30-minute free consultation on a particular subject
  • In addition, we generated 7 leads per month on average where businesses were interested to be contacted by one of the lawyers by email

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