Telemarketing for Telecoms Companies

Case Study 5 – A Slough-Based Telecom Company

The Goal 

Set a minimum of 25 appointments a month for their Sales Representatives

The Campaign that was undertaken by eDivert 

  • The client provided us with 15,000 businesses to contact over a period of time
  • Every two weeks, we sent an email marketing shot to all contacts on the list
  • Based on the open rate of the emails, we started the telesales campaign
  • Companies who opened the email were called first each month
  • A total of 600 businesses were contacted each month
  • All businesses were contacted up to 3 times, if there was no answer or the right person was not available

The Results 

In the first 6 months of the telemarketing campaign, we achieved on average 22 appointments that were booked in immediately. Plus, 10 commitments every month to book an appointment in the future.

Why work with eDivert? 

  • Because we have experience in Lead Generation campaigns for the Telecoms industry
  • We have a proven track record of results
  • We can offer a UK-based telesales team
  • We ensure that we are using data that will give your company results
  • Each Lead Generation package is tailored to the requirements of your business and the results you are looking to achieve.

Some examples of other successful campaigns that eDivert has completed are; setting appointments to offer a free on-site review of the business telephone system, informative email marketing campaigns to show the different telephone systems and packages that are available in the market

Other services we offer 

Start your journey and boost your business today with our tailored packages! 

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