Why your business needs a Virtual Assistant in 2022 

Post-pandemic, more and more businesses are going virtual. In case you missed it, we already talked about “How outsourcing a Virtual Assistant can save your business time and money” in a previous post. In addition to this, there are more reasons why your business needs a virtual assistant in 2022. 


1 Scale up and scale down as you need to 

Outsourcing a Virtual Assistant is not like having an employee on a permanent contract. A lot of VAs are flexible with their time and can pick up and put down work as you need them to during busier or quieter periods. This can help you with cash flow and save your business the costs of having a permanent member of staff. 


2 Direct access to the talent pool 

Instead of you advertising and searching for the ‘right’ candidate, outsourcing gives you direct access to a pool of talented and experienced VAs. Most of them will tell you what their strengths are and what jobs they are both capable of and enjoy doing as it’s in both parties’ interests for it to be a good fit. 


3 Access to global talent 

In addition to having a direct line to experienced VAs, outsourcing gives you the opportunity to access talent in other geographic locations. This has pros and cons, as you’ll see in a moment and you’ll need to carefully weigh up the benefits before going down this route. 


4 Hiring an overseas VA may be cheaper 

Wages and salary expectations can be cheaper in other markets and depending on where you hire your VA, you might get a good deal. However, be aware of things like exchange rates going up and down and currency transaction fees. 


5 Expand your hours of operation and service to customers – go 24/7

One key benefit of taking on a VA from another country is the time-zone benefit which gives you the ability to extend your office ours. Most customers now expect service during evenings and weekends and so being able to offer this could increase your business. 


6 Drive business growth

Ultimately, having a virtual assistant in 2022 should save you time and help you to shift your focus from some of the more mundane administrative tasks, to where your time is best spent – in the growth and development of your business. 


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