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Specialises in Outsourced Customer Services

Having worked within Customer Service from coordinator level through to Senior Manager in both small and large manufacturing and distribution organisations I truly believe that professional well managed customer service is what makes businesses grow.

I like to get to know my customers to fully understand how we can help you to improve your customers’ journey. We provide a broad range of services that can act as big steppingstones in this journey.

  • Call management
  • Webchat
  • Email management
  • Professional quotations
  • Document management
  • Email marketing
  • Telemarketing

At eDivert we offer professional call management and webchat, ensuring your company always has good quality representation. We provide back office services including raising well-presented quotations and customer documentation. We can also help to generate a sales funnel for you with our telesales and email marketing functions providing leads for you to follow up.

We are,

  • Your own customer service team – not just a call answering service
  • A local business - not an anonymous call centre
  • Passionate about customer service and will use the latest thinking to offer the best service

Within e-Divert we have a team of professionals who have skills in many aspects of customer service and back office. We are not just there to answer your calls, you will have a whole team at your disposal that will support your business.

We are local, I would love to come and see you and learn about your business. By understanding your business, we can provide a service that helps you to grow.

Customer service is my passion, I keep up to date with the latest thinking, and want to ensure that your customer journey is the best it could be.

Call me any time for a chat about what we can do to help you and your business.

See More About Our Services:

  • This service is a must for small organisations that want to look big

  • Exactly what you want from an answering service

  • Simple, efficient, effective and great value

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