At eDivert Wellingborough, we offer a one-stop, cost-effective solution to all your outbound and inbound communication needs. We provide convenient and reliable resources for carrying out any office functions. Our specialities are Email marketing, outbound calling and telemarketing, Web chat, phone answering, appointment booking and quote generation,  along with virtual PA functions that encompass a wide variety of business-critical office functions.


Advantages of engaging with eDivert network

  1. Cost effective solutions to drive your business profitability
  2.  Experts in the field of solutions we provide
  3. Enables you to focus on your core business functions
  4. Quick scalability without the risk of fixed manpower cost
  5. Saves your time and efforts in hiring and training of your in-house staff.
  6. Project a highly professional and efficient image of the business to your customers.

Phone Answering

This is one of our highly sought after services across UK by businesses big and small. Having a dedicated receptionist may not be a cost-effective solution for every business considering the staffing costs and the related issues with training, holidays, holiday arrangements etc. Our team of telephone answering agents provide a seamless solution to your business and customer without your customers feeling like they are speaking with a third-party. We can take customer contact details, short messages, book appointments, provide quotations, collect payments and any other requirements your business has. We can email and text you the details after every call from your callers in an efficient way to help address your customer expectations.

Web Chat Service

Another effective way of establishing a communication channel with interested visitors to your website. We can provide a highly effective and professional web chat facility to address customer queries and provide them with assistance to place orders. Having a web chat minimizes online basket abandonment by over 35% and ensures that a customer is carefully addressed and provided the most effective customer service thereby helping your business project as a customer focused brand.

Virtual Assistant solutions

Having a VA solution from eDivert is more than hiring a admin executive for your business as we offer the flexibility of engaging as per volume and business needs. We can provide most of the common business VA solutions along with any bespoke requirements including, email communication on your behalf, follow ups and reminding on appointments, invoice reconciliation, outstanding dues recovery, sales support, marketing assistance, event coordination, data consolidation and business analysis, liaising with your vendors and suppliers etc.

Email and Telephone marketing

We can help design an ideal mix of Email & Telemarketing campaigns to help drive up your sales significantly. We work closely with your team to identify the target customer segment and gather the data to reach out to your prospective targets using the most appropriate strategy. This ensures a creating a database of positive leads who can be harnessed in closing sales. Our marketing services aim to generate a continuous pipeline of potential warm leads waiting for your to engage and grow your business.

Social Media management Services

Every business in today's modern marketplace needs to leverage the advantages of utilising social media to maximise potential. Social media enables your business to connect closely with your target customer base. Unless you have a team of in-house experts, running social media campaigns can be time consuming and take your attention away from key business tasks. Handing-off this important and necessary channel of growth to our experts will ensure that you are having the best and ideal social media marketing solution for your business. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are most of the key channels of engaging on social media with existing and potential customer connections.