Victoria Woods, eDivert Rochdale

Based in Rochdale, covering the Greater Manchester area.

Tel:  01706 452552 / Mob:  07859 011076

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Tori is our only franchisee that has been awarded a lifetime registration by the ISFP (International Society for Female Professionals), a prestigious organisation with around 100,000 members globally.

Tori is very professional and focused with a good sense of humor.  She has a host of experience working in administration, sales and telemarketing.  Having worked in different industries over the course of her career, she has seen the effects both good and bad customer service can have on a business.  This led to her wanting to strive to create a more customer-focused approach, with an emphasis on the particularly high standards of service that she believes every customer deserves – and every business needs!

With a degree in Business Management and Accounting, as well as qualifications in Customer Service, Administration and HR to name just a few, Tori is your go-to person to deliver all aspects of your customer service provision.

A few years ago, Tori had a serious illness, which has left her mostly wheelchair-bound.  Tori is a very driven person, and her accident did not stop her at the time from going back to her old job at an estate agent and continuing to work. Unfortunately, the coronavirus lockdown meant the company had to reduce staff numbers and Tori was made redundant as a result. This led her to wanting to start her own company and take control of her own future. Having researched different franchise opportunities, the ethos of eDivert caught her attention.  As both Tori and eDivert are focused on providing the highest level of customer service consistently, it seemed a perfect match!

So, should you feel that outsourcing your customer service and back office could be the right next step for your business, please do get in touch.  Tori is ready and waiting to discuss your needs and help you decide whether eDivert is the right fit for you. 


Tori offers the following services:

- Live Chat

- Telephone Answering

- Administrative Support

- CRM Set-up & Management

- Outbound Call Handling Support

- Mystery Shopping projects by phone

- Telemarketing

- Lead Generation


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