As a business owner, you are constantly thinking of new and better ways to market your business. In our company, eDivert, we use different tools of which one is the use of Social Media.

Many companies have active profiles on the different websites. But how as a company do you maximise the use of Social Media to actually get real leads out of it?

    1. Define which Social Media websites will target your audience.Ask yourself questions like, what age group is my target audience? Am I targeting consumers or businesses? Am I targeting young adults, families with children, men, women and so on? For example certain business owners may be more easily targeted via LinkedIn, while teenagers and young adults may be more easily targeted via Instagram.
    2. Use the Social Media sites that are suitable for the product or services that you are selling. A new gadget may be more easily promoted via Facebook, while certain business services may be more useful to promote via Twitter
    3. Post regular postings every day. Not everyone in your network checks their social media every day. It is important to post regularly, for example once or twice a day. This ensures everyone in your network sees your posts a few times a week and your business will stay fresh in their mind.
    4. Be consistent in your Social Media campaign. With regards to free postings, you can post them on Facebook, as well as on Twitter and LinkedIn to get maximum coverage. Ensure that your profiles on each of the Social Media website are consistent with each other. On both Facebook and LinkedIn it is possible to have a Company page, which can be used to emphasize your business activities
    5. Be original, inspiring, personal and relevant. Although you may occasionally repeat a post, it is always best to try to be original. Posts can contain special offers for your business, a contest, industry related statistics, a quote from a famous person or you can share someone else’s post, they may share yours in return next time. There are many other ideas
    6. Engage with those who respond to your posts and adverts.Don’t forget to engage with anyone who responds to anything you do on social media. This is the important part, where you start creating relationships and your business starts to get into someone’s long term memory
    7. Message your followers and connections. Although you don’t want to bother your followers and connections with lots of spam, it is perfectly fine to send them occasionally a personal message. There is a reason why people linked up with you in the first place and if you make the message personal, they will be happy to hear from you
    8. Network in the community to strengthen your Social Media relationships. As a business owner I attend a lot of networking events in our local area. This has really helped us to build relationships with other business owners and to get new leads and clients in. We use social media to strengthen these relationships. For example, the other day I attended a business networking event where two people came up to me, saying that they knew me from Facebook and how lovely it was to meet in person now
    9. Consider paid advertising. If you have the budget available it is worth considering paying for advertising on LinkedIn and Facebook. This will help you reach businesses and contacts outside of your network and grow your network faster.
    10. Consider outsourcing your social media. If you feel that you would like to do all of the above and more, but you simply don’t have the time to manage it, then consider outsourcing your Social Media. AteDivert, we manage Social Media accounts for other companies. We give companies the chance to be as involved as they want to be. On the days when you are too busy, we will post business relevant comments. We can also engage directly with your leads on your behalf to help you convert them into customers. Packages are available from £75 per month. For more information, contactwww.eDivert.co.uk on tel. 01628 637 900.

eDivert is based in Maidenhead, UK and provides the following services:

Telephone Answering Services – Live Chat Answering Services – Social Media Management – Lead Generation – Telemarketing – Virtual PA Services

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