Conversation is powerful

eDivert telemarketing services can give your business a boost. Speaking to someone one on one is still one of the most powerful methods of communication and telemarketing is exactly that

68% of B2B sales involves some form of human contact, such as telemarketing

How can we help?

  • We provide unique and tailor-made plans for each of your target audiences
  • We help you to generate qualified leads
  • We focus on results and leads rather than volumes
  • We work closely with you and your team, ensuring that we understand your brand’s voice
  • We can information gather, listening to your customer’s feedback and concerns
  • We can help to tidy up and improve the quality of your existing database

What Value Will it Add?

Generate quality leads

Have powerful conversations

Boost your sales

Improve customer satisfaction

Understand your customer’s needs

Eureka Accounts

Excellent customer service, always answers calls professionally and I am notified immediately that a call has been received with details if I am unable to answer the call myself.

Wouldn’t go without it

M Trapnell

I have used e-divert on many occasions now. I used them whilst on holiday and in long meetings so I didn't miss any important phone calls. The telephone answering service was like a second arm to my business which I now would not do without. I have already recommended them to 3 colleagues. 5* service

Great service

K Waistell

We used Edivert this summer whilst we were away on holiday. As a husband and wife team, we normally just divert all calls to our mobiles and continue as usual while we are way - tricky when in the middle of no where or in a different time zone. Edivert was the perfect answer and so easy and straight forward to set up. I also had great feedback from my customers who spoke to home while we were away which was very reassuring. I would recommend their service to businesses like ours.

Edivert call answering and virtual assistant

R Douglas

eDivert call answering and virtual administrative services has been a huge blessing for us. Each call answered saves brings us hundreds of £££ and the customer service and dedication of its staff here at Manchester East is good. I will recommend it always.

Excellent idea and service!

D Jones

Been with Edivert since its inception. A really good product which is well managed and well thought out, The more you use it the more you realise how you had to cope in the past! I find it very useful for those times when mobile reception is poor or when in meetings when just sending your call to answerphone is ‘Not the right thing to do’. This is the future, a slick and professional system which the more you use it the more you realise you need it. I would certainly recommend this product.

eDivert Telemarketing Services and Telesales

At eDivert, we take a new approach to telemarketing by always making a unique and tailor-made plan for each of your target audiences. From our vast experience in the field of B2B marketing, we understand how to run a successful telesales campaign which generates qualified leads and sales.

eDivert telemarketing services can be used by any size company, from small to large and anywhere in the UK. Our team has over 10 years of experience in the industry and are experts in telesales.

Goal setting is an important part of any business strategy, and at eDivert we are no exception. Realistic goals ensure the right expectations are aimed for, and adjustments can be made to continuously update a particular strategy. We focus on results and leads rather than volumes, ensuring that we speak to prospects that may genuinely be interested in your products or services.

Why Choose eDivert?

All of our team have a positive sales attitude and we never hard sell or use scripts. Our expert staff receive weekly coaching to continue to develop their sales skills. This regular training ensures our staff continue to hone their skills, and that your business is represented with a high level of professionalism.

We work closely with you and your company ensuring that we understand what sets your company apart. If you already have a marketing team we will ensure our telemarketing keeps to the same company branding. We help your team members rather than hinder them.