Building lasting relationships with your customers with eDivert Call Answering Services

Welcome to the eDivert call answering services. Let our professional and friendly, UK-based team take care of your calls, while you focus on running your business

85% of customers whose calls you miss, aren’t going to call you back

That’s where we come in.

  • Our fully trained reception staff are ready to take your calls
  • You get a dedicated account manager
  • We answer calls on behalf of your business
  • We collect all the important information for you
  • We can transfer urgent calls to your mobile or landline
  • You only pay for time spent with your customers

What Value Will it Add?

Build relationships with your customers

Get better insights into your business

Increase your revenues

Benefit from more opportunities

Sickness / holiday / emergency cover

Eureka Accounts

Excellent customer service, always answers calls professionally and I am notified immediately that a call has been received with details if I am unable to answer the call myself.

Wouldn’t go without it

M Trapnell

I have used e-divert on many occasions now. I used them whilst on holiday and in long meetings so I didn't miss any important phone calls. The telephone answering service was like a second arm to my business which I now would not do without. I have already recommended them to 3 colleagues. 5* service

Great service

K Waistell

We used Edivert this summer whilst we were away on holiday. As a husband and wife team, we normally just divert all calls to our mobiles and continue as usual while we are way - tricky when in the middle of no where or in a different time zone. Edivert was the perfect answer and so easy and straight forward to set up. I also had great feedback from my customers who spoke to home while we were away which was very reassuring. I would recommend their service to businesses like ours.

Edivert call answering and virtual assistant

R Douglas

eDivert call answering and virtual administrative services has been a huge blessing for us. Each call answered saves brings us hundreds of £££ and the customer service and dedication of its staff here at Manchester East is good. I will recommend it always.

Excellent idea and service!

D Jones

Been with Edivert since its inception. A really good product which is well managed and well thought out, The more you use it the more you realise how you had to cope in the past! I find it very useful for those times when mobile reception is poor or when in meetings when just sending your call to answerphone is ‘Not the right thing to do’. This is the future, a slick and professional system which the more you use it the more you realise you need it. I would certainly recommend this product.

eDivert Call Answering Services

At eDivert we offer call answering services to businesses throughout the UK. Many different types and sizes of businesses have times when their telephones go unanswered. There can be any number of reasons for this, but the end result is usually the same. Customers go elsewhere.


What if there was a centrally located team of fully trained reception staff waiting to answer the phone for your business? And what if your business only paid for the time that a receptionist was actually answering the phone for them?


Well, that’s how eDivert works. At eDivert, we answer all your calls in the name of your business. But as soon as the call ends, you stop paying. We gather all the important information about your caller, which is then sent to you via email or text. We can pass on any extra information that you provide us with about your products and services. This can include, for example, special offers or added services. This means that when you make your call to the client, you are fully briefed on their specific requirements. If you like, we can also patch important or urgent phone calls to your mobile or landline.

When you sign up with eDivert for our live phone answering service, you will be asked to fill out a form to indicate your preferred way of working. You will then receive an allocated account manager. Your account manager will get to know your business and be the main person to answer phone calls addressed to your business. Key information about your business and your preferred way of call diverting will also be stored on your account.

Every time the phone rings for your company, this information will pop up so that any of our Receptionists can answer your phone calls, even when your account manager is unavailable.


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