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What telemarketing can do for your business in 2022 

Telephones have been around since the 19th century. Not long after they were invented, a form of telemarketing came about through the system’s switchboard operators. The term ‘telemarketing’ was first officially coined in the 1970s and the use of it as a marketing tool has evolved over time. Although it may now feel like an outdated concept, outbound calling campaigns still have their place in the modern world. Here’s why. 

Conversation is powerful. 

We live in a world full of social media and noise. People post on their social channels every day, but how do you know if your voice has been heard? 

Speaking to someone one on one is still one of the most powerful methods of communication. Telemarketing is exactly that. You can speak directly to your target audience, introducing them to new products and ideas that they may never have heard of before. Or you may be speaking with existing customers and strengthening the bond of relationship that you already have. 

Communication is important. But it’s a two-way street, which is why the next point is equally as important. 

Listening and getting direct feedback. 

You could also call this data gathering. But essentially you are actively listening to your customer’s comments, concerns, reasons for buying as well as reasons for not buying. Simply listening, creates an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with that customer AND you glean extremely valuable data in the exchange. The savvy telemarketer will keep track of this data in their CRM. This can later be analysed as part of a bigger picture to help gain an understanding of market trends, product lifecycles and customer satisfaction to name but a few. 

Get immediate responses and increase sales with outbound calling campaigns

If you’re still not convinced by the power that telemarking has, then this last one might just convince you. At the end of the day, telemarketing still gets results and can increase your sales. According to Business Process Consultant, Russell Meiselman, 68% of B2B sales involved some form of human contacts, such as telemarketing. Furthermore, he says: 

‘60% of marketing managers in fortune 500 companies say telemarketing is Very Effective” for leads and customer outreach, and when those who say it is only Effective” that percentage is almost over 90%’

So although it may seem as though telemarketing has a bad reputation, in reality, it continues to thrive in the digital age and many people agree that telemarketing remains effective as a marketing tool. 

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