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3 reasons why having Live Chat on your website will give your business a boost

Boost your business with Live Chat! Live Chat has been around for a while now, and experts say it’s not going away any time soon. When you take a quick glance at what studies say about Live Chat’s use and effectiveness, it’s not surprising to see why; 

  • Live Chat has overtaken other forms of online consumer support; with 42% of customers preferring Live Chat, to email (23%) and other social media platforms (16%). (Source: J.D. Power) 
  • Live Chat yields higher customer satisfaction levels (73%) when compared to other formats; 61% and 44% for email and phone respectively (Source: Econsultancy).
  • According to a study by Aberdeen Group in 2015, businesses who offered live chat compared to those who didn’t show a:
  • 2.4x greater annual increase in cross-sell and up-sell revenue,
  • 2.6x greater annual improvement in customer care costs,
  • 20% greater annual improvement in customer contact abandonment rate 
  • 34% greater annual improvement in customer satisfaction rate. 

These figures are compelling and make an interesting case for Live Chat as an addition to your website. But if you’re not yet convinced, here are 3 reasons why having Live Chat will give your business a boost this year. 

1. Live Chat can increase your revenues 

Live Chat helps companies increase their revenues by increasing conversations and sales. According to research, having Live chat functionality on your website leads to a 48% increase in revenue per chat hour. But why?

Customers feel more engaged when speaking with someone through Live Chat, especially if they have questions about products before making their purchase decision. This helps to build their confidence in making that purchase, increases their satisfaction (see below) and turns them into repeat buyers. 

2. Save money 

Live Chat can actually improve the efficiency of your customer service team. Unlike phone calls and answering emails, where you typically deal with one customer at a time, Live Chat enables you to handle multiple customer enquiries simultaneously. Experienced Chat agents will use their time effectively as well as using tools such as canned responses to speed up their response time and deal with more customers in a shorter space of time, therefore saving you money. 

3. Improve customer satisfaction 

Live Chat offers real-time convenience to customers. If customers have come to purchase but have a quick question about a particular product, having a real-time interaction could be the difference between them happily buying now vs leaving the purchase, feeling unsatisfied. We know happy customers are loyal customers and loyal customers will not only repeat purchases but act as brand ambassadors on your behalf. 

It can also be used to coordinate product returns and interact with unsatisfied customers. But if this is handled quickly and effectively, you can turn this into a positive and retain the customer.

Don’t have the time to manage Live chat? 

Contact eDivert today to speak with one of our professional team members and find out what we can do to help you give your business a boost.

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