There are many ways to market your services and products, via the traditional routes of advertising and networking, as well as via the internet. If you have decided that your web site plays a vital role in marketing your business, then web chat may just be the thing for you.

For a lot of small and medium size businesses their web site is the main source to produce new enquiries. As a business you are probably constantly working on improving your SEO, regular blogging, adding new content to your website and keeping your social media status up-to-date. These are all great tools to attract new visitors to your website. However, what happens once these visitors end up on your website? How do you keep their attention onto your website and how do you make a lasting impression to encourage them to come back to you?

This is where web chat can play a key role.

It sounds Complicated and Expensive…

You have probably used web chat on web sites of larger companies. You may have used it to enquire about their services or to request technical support. Isn’t it great that all you have to do as a consumer, is fill out the web chat widget and an agent on the other end will help you with your enquiry about the website or the services. No need anymore to search the website to find your answer or to spend 10 minutes in a queue on the phone. This may have given you the impression that web chat is an expensive tool that is inaccessible to small and medium size companies. Nothing is more untrue. Web chat is a very affordable tool and a company like eDivert can offer fully managed web chat solutions on a pay as you go basis. Prices start from as little as £25 per month.

The set up of web chat on your website is very simple. Your Web Chat provider can help you set it up in minutes. “At eDivert, we are able to personalise the web chat widget to your website’s colours and logo, “ explains Managing Director, Kim van Dongen.

Fully Managed? What does that mean?

Once you have your web chat widget set up on your website, your next question will be: “But who is going to respond when someone makes an enquiry?” You may find that as a business, you and your staff are busy enough as you are. You don’t have time to monitor the web chats coming in all day from 8:30am to 6pm. What if you need to step out to a meeting, or your staff is on holiday? And what do you do if you just simply want to step away from your desk to make yourself a coffee? This is what Fully Managed Web Chat entails. Your Web Chat provider has virtual assistants in their office, who will answer incoming web chats for you. Different companies charge in different ways. For example at eDivert, you will only be charged for the minutes that their virtual assistants chat with visitors on your website.

Why would people start a Web Chat on my website?

One of the biggest advantages of a web chat functionality is that you can actively invite people to engage with your company. The invitation to start chatting can be adjusted to your type of services, your sector and your preferred approach. You can chose at which stage you want to invite a visitor to chat with your company. Your web chat provider is able to set this up for you and their virtual assistants will ensure your visitor receives the invitation at your preferred time, answering all queries in the way that is tailored to your companies approach to customer service.

Still in doubt about web chat? Many companies offer a FREE trial, so why not give it a go!

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