The success of your telemarketing campaign is highly dependent on the quality of data you call. Enhance your telemarketing campaign results by using freshly verified call centre leads. The foundation of a successful telemarketing campaign is valid, accurate data: a low-quality database will lead to equally low-quality results.


You want to see the best return on your investment in telemarketing, and to do that you have to know that your data is as good as it can be. You want potential customers who need, want and are likely to buy your product/service.  In addition, you also want to be sure your data is as up to date as possible to avoid wasted calls. Here are some tips where do you source your list of prospects for your campaign.


First let’s specify the differences between good and bad data:

Good data:

– data that is consistent, any data written to the database must be valid according to all defined rules

– data profiled on your existing clients

– data what has been recently updated which means it’s clean.

Bad data:

– old data: people have moved on and they are not available any longer

– missing or inaccurate fields within the data

– data that has been sold many times


Ideally, your data should at least exist of the following items:

– first name

– surname

– job title

– job role

– company

– phone number

– date of first call

– comments and important notes


Additionally, you may want to include the following information fields:

  • Email address
  • Address and/or postcode, geographical area
  • Turnover band
  • Number of employees
  • Number of years of trading
  • Industry


1.Have your own database.

Your own data is always going to be the best from a telemarketing viewpoint. This is partly because data lists that are bought in have been bought by other companies as well. The contacts on those data lists may have been used by other Telemarketers. Therefore, keeping and maintaining your own CRM (customer relationship management) database, is a fundamental step, and the investment will pay off over time in increased conversion rates and improved quality of appointments.


2.Search on Google.

Google is the number one search engine in the world so you can definitely expect to find potential prospects to do new business with and best of all, at no cost.  However, the one downside to using this source is that it can be very time consuming as you need to manually click through and check each link separately to sort through them and in the long run this could end up taking more time than you have available.


3.Use Business directory

Business directories are one of the second best search engines when it comes to data for telemarketing. There are so many different business directories out there, some good and some bad. The benefit of using any list is that it is already pre-sorted and categorised. However, not all companies are featured on these databases. You sometimes need to search a bit more to get the full range of data you’re looking for. You also can’t always be sure of the age of the data you find on these directories and if it is up to date, which means you are wasting your time if numbers are dead or incorrect.


4.Buying data

To get a valid and accurate list of data find a professional list provider who can research and deliver you a list tailoring your specific business needs. You must do your research in order to avoid re-sellers, simply regurgitating old data. For us, we have found purchasing data from a reliable, quality provider has proven time and time again to be the best value for money, giving you the best results in any email- and telemarketing campaign.


How to keep your B2B telemarketing data clean?

It’s a fact that people move jobs or their circumstances changes. In addition, companies move premises, get taken over and change names. It’s essential to keep your list fresh. There are a number of ways to manage this:

  1. Train everyone who has access to your CRM to use it in a consistent way and teach staff that keeping data up to date is important.
  2. Ensure that when you import refreshed data, it’s in exactly the same format as your existing database.
  3. Don’t buy in data from external sources and expect to use it immediately. It may need some re-formatting before uploading to your existing database.
  4. Keep an audit trail of changes, so that you can track any bad data input and correct it.


To get the best ROI in B2B Telemarketing you need to consider so many different aspects from data quality and profiling to the actual telemarketing script and call reporting. Telemarketing is complex but if you do it right you get a good ROI from your campaigns, and you will generate quality B2B leads.


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