Web enquiries, emails, social media and live chat facilities all have their place, but the telephone is still the preferred and quickest communication tool of choice for many when it comes to business. With this in mind, find below how we answer the phone at eDivert on behalf of our customers and learn how you can apply this in your own business.

The first one is probably the most obvious one; we like to answer all calls quickly.

It gives a good impression and it makes the caller feel valued. It also proves that your business has everything in place. Your customers will feel a more positive connection with you if they can get through to you quickly when they call you.

Answering the phone ‘with a smile on our face’ might sound cheesy but it really works.

It doesn’t matter if you are having a bad day, are half way through a complicated spreadsheet or half way out of the door on your way home. Your caller should take priority; warm and enthusiastic should be the order of the day, as soon as you answer the phone. At eDivert, we believe in: ‘Always treating people how you would like to be treated’.

Even when the caller is impatient, we remain positive and professional.

There are little phrases you can use that will ensure the caller feels you are taking him or her seriously and are trying to help to resolve the issue, sometimes without giving concrete answers there and then. You can use for example: “Let me find that out for you” and “Let me get back to you on that”. It is preferably to use these phrases, rather than a simple “I don’t know”. The first two show interest and a willingness to help, which is the customer service rule number 1 at all times.

Keep language choices appropriate to the conversation. For example, enunciate every word and avoid using ‘cheers’, ‘uh-huh’, ‘mate ‘,’yeah’ etc. You are speaking to a business contact not your drinking pal. It is best to keep it business-like; a balance between friendly and formal at the same time.

We always mention your company name, when we answer the phone.

It provides the caller with the confidence that they have dialed the right number and it sets the tone for a professional conversation.

When we take a message, we like to check the information that we are noting down.

It is good practice to re-confirm any spellings that you are unsure with the caller in order to avoid mistakes. Don’t hesitate to read back email addresses or telephone numbers to ensure you have the correct details – You don’t want a red hot business lead in your hand that you can’t get back to.


This is how we roll at eDivert and we enjoy managing the incoming calls of our customers.

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