How to hire a Virtual Assistant – the right way 

We’ve discussed why businesses should consider hiring a VA and the benefits of outsourcing in previous articles but today we’re going to look at how you go about doing this. There are no hard and fast rules for going about choosing a VA. But with our help, we can point you in the right direction. Hopefully, we can offer some nuggets of wisdom that will help your journey go more smoothly. Here’s how to hire a Virtual Assistant – the right way. 


1. Are you ready? 

Although it doesn’t take as much time as hiring an employee, there is still a time commitment involved in finding and choosing the right VA for your organisation. You’ll want to get the best person for your business and make sure that they are a good fit. So prior to embarking on this journey, ensure that you are prepared and have the time to dedicate to this task. 


2. Consider your budget and location 

One of the key benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant is to be able to extend your office hours and potentially offer 24/7 sales/support/service to customers. If this is what you’re going for, choosing a VA that is located in a different time zone OR finding a company that offers VA services covering multiple time zones should be on your radar. Geography also has a direct impact on the price you pay, so be aware of this too. 


3. Prepare a job description 

You may not need to prepare a full-blown JD of the roles and responsibilities, but it does help you to have an overview of the tasks that your VA will be undertaking. This can help you match tasks with the talent and provide realistic expectations about what you are looking for. 


4. Define your goals

Similar to the above, a list of tasks is important but you should also be very clear about your goals. Document the steps for how to achieve them, particularly if they are part of your organisational KPIs. This will help a VA step into the role more easily. 


5. Engage and shortlist 

You can begin your search for a VA directly through places like Upwork. There are also other freelance platforms. Or you can find a company that offers VA services, such as eDivert. Make a shortlist of candidates and companies and contact them. See what services they offer and how they propose to work with you. 


6. Start small and go from there 

Once you have made your selection, start with a small package with a few tasks and a minimum number of hours to test the waters. Most companies will require you to sign up for 3 months minimum. And that’s ok – it gives you time to see how the relationship pans out. You can then make alterations if necessary and both parties have the opportunity to build something. Once you are happy with things, you can increase the number and diversity of tasks and the time that you have the VA for. 


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