Can a Call Answering Service Help Your Business to the Next Level

Many small and medium size businesses have already embraced the advantages of a Call Answering Service, also called Virtual Receptionist. Estate agents and accountants are typical sectors in which this type of service is used a lot. However, some of us are still sceptical. So, how does a Telephone Answering Service work and what value can it add to your business?

How Does It Work?

A Telephone Answering Service is effectively a contact centre where agents answer phone calls for several businesses throughout the day. When you choose a Telephone Answering Service, you may want to double check where their agents are based. “At eDivert, all our agents are UK based. Our target markets are small and medium size businesses, who are looking for a virtual receptionist solution, as an extension of their office team,” explains Kim van Dongen, Managing Director at eDivert.

As each agent is usually also an account manager for a number of businesses, they are familiar with the frequently asked questions and answers for each business. This allows them to answer initial enquiries.

Each client has their own profile set up in the system of the Telephone Answering Service. When the phone rings, the virtual receptionist can see for which company the incoming call is and will answer the call in the name of your business. He or she will then either deal with the phone call or pass a message on by text or email to the relevant person at the client’s business.

10 Advantages of using a Telephone Answering Service:

  • The phone is always answered by a person in your company; no voicemails anymore. An ideal solution for sole traders.
  • It increases customer satisfaction that callers can speak to a person when they call you.
  • It allows new enquiries to request basic information about your company in their first phone call.
  • Your receptionist can go out for lunch without leaving the phone unattended
  • Your receptionist can go on holiday without you having to cover the phone calls for a week in between meetings.
  • If you don’t have a receptionist, your phone is always covered, even when you are out for meetings or working in the field.
  • It increases the professional image of your business that you have someone else answering your phone for you.
  • A virtual receptionist can email or post out your brochure and pricelist to initial enquiries
  • Telephone answering service can be an ideal solution when you are not quite ready to hire a receptionist, but do need extra support to get new business in.
  • A virtual receptionist can be given access to your diary to book in meetings or appointments, which works very well for physiotherapists, dentists, restaurants and so on.

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