Being connected has been a real theme for businesses, large and small, for the past year or so. The sudden ramping up of virtual meetings and existing only in an online world made us all realise the importance of our visibility, both in terms of gaining new business and nurturing existing client relationships.

At eDivert, one of our most popular services is telephone answering and it covers a wider scope of activities than you might first imagine. Here’s why it could be a great investment if you are running a busy, growing company.


What earlier impression could there be than the moment you answer a call from someone enquiring about doing business with you? If you are a small or micro business, you may not even have a dedicated member of staff picking up the phone and it’s key to making a good impression that your prospect doesn’t get a harassed voice at the other end, or someone distracted with the delivery of existing business.

Equally, with the increasing amount of business being done online, website chat is a really important part of keeping your audience engaged and stopping them hopping away from your website. But, for smaller businesses who can’t afford to invest in complex AI solutions, it’s hard to stay on top of. With our managed live chat service, we can provide a manual approach to dealing with website visitors and ensuring they find the information that they need.


Our telephone answering service does so much more than simply taking calls and providing messages. It adds real value by:

  • Endeavouring to answer queries or provide a solution to a problem;
  • Providing consistency to the way a client, existing or prospective, is greeted when contacting you;
  • Avoiding missed sales opportunities;
  • Moving people along your pipeline by taking or making calls to progress their requirements;
  • Answering pre-agreed FAQs;
  • Providing a virtual reception service

We aim for this service to help keep the business running and to move clients or enquiries through a process, saving the business owners time and reducing the risk of lost enquiries.


The more you are able to brief us, the more value we can add. For example, a business that can provide us with answers to common queries will ensure we are able to deal with those calls without needing to involve them at all. This means huge time savings for them and happy clients who have their query resolved the first time they call.

We can even work with you to gain an understanding of your pipeline process so we can help proactively move people along it by dealing with each touchpoint for you.

As the owner manager of a small business this level of involvement can be invaluable because distraction impacts your output in terms of quality and quantity more than you could imagine.

So, if you’re struggling to keep all the plates spinning, or if you just want to leave a professional first impression with all your existing and prospective clients, why not get in touch to see how we can help?

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