Case Study of a Local Home Care Agency

We started using telephone answering services from a very early stage in our business. eDivert is an excellent service to use as a start-up. Especially if your type of business has staff that needs to step out regularly to go and meet clients.

Our office is never without telephone cover thanks to eDivert. Our company has built up an excellent reputation for customer service as a result of eDivert”s call answering services.

Caley is our allocated receptionist. She usually sends all messages to us by email as well as by text. This is how we chose to set up the service. We work out in the field a lot and it is important that we are able to respond to urgent queries quickly due to the nature of our business. We provide care to elderly people and people with disabilities in their own homes. We have a lot of carers out in the field.

It is important that they can get in contact with the office team when needed. A carer could have an emergency with a client, or a client may need to cancel a visit at the very last minute.

Thanks to eDivert we have been able to save costs to hire a full-time receptionist. We do not only use eDivert”s call services when we are out. Sometimes we use it when we are working in the office, for example during staff meetings, so that all office staff can attend. At other times our office staff are very busy with getting the care schedule ready for the next week, which means they can divert the lines to eDivert and really focus on this important task. This allows them to filter out the urgent messages and return the other phone calls later in the day.

eDivert is excellent in how they judge the importance of messages. When a client calls for an emergency, eDivert has all our mobile phone numbers and knows exactly who they should try to reach to get the problem resolved. It is like having an in-house receptionist, but without the high cost.

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