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Absolutely Fabulous Carpet Cleaning

Carpet, Rug, Upholstery and Stone Floor Cleaning




Service: Telephone Answering Service


Established in 1989, Absolutely Fabulous Carpet, Upholstery and Stone Floor Cleaning specialise in eco-friendly low moisture cleaning of carpets, stone and tile floors and soft furnishings throughout Berkshire, South Buckinghamshire, North Hampshire and South Oxfordshire.

Accredited by the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaning Association) and Woolsafe Certified Operators, their technicians are highly trained to clean and preserve the life of carpets and soft furnishings – creating a healthier environment in their clients’ homes and offices.

Their satisfied client base includes domestic customers, as well as offices, conference centres, restaurants, hotels, schools, medical centres, care homes, nurseries and so on.



Covering a large area in the South East of England, Absolutely Fabulous had the requirement for someone to answer their calls coming in from different locations.

Initially calls were diverted to the mobile of the business owner, Darren or his wife. Very quickly Darren felt that his work was being interrupted too often when he was with customers or he would not be able to answer the calls at all. Prospective customers would not always leave a voicemail. As Darren’s wife was also out and about a lot during the day, she was unable to answer incoming calls in a professional manner, as there would be a lot of background noise outside. They felt they were losing out on business and had to find another solution.

As Absolutely Fabulous’ prospective customers often want to know how local the company is to them, knowledge of the local area was an important factor for the solution they were looking for.

The company considered hiring a part-time receptionist, but after calculating the cost of salary and office space, they quickly started looking at other options.

Another problem was that an in-house receptionist wouldn’t be able to cover the hours they required. Many enquirers, who were looking for carpet or rug cleaning for their own homes, would call after 6pm or in the weekend. The company therefore needed a solution that included evening and weekend calls at a reasonable charge.


Darren met Ed from eDivert early 2015 at a networking meeting in Maidenhead. After a 1-2-1 meeting and a good look at their website, he decided that the telephone answering service from eDivert exactly met the requirements he was looking for.

eDivert’s Telephone Answering Service offers the option to have calls answered during office hours, as well as in the evenings and weekends. Their staff were local and had a good understanding of the area where Absolutely Fabulous provide their carpet and upholstery cleaning services.

After signing up for the telephone answering services Absolutely Fabulous was allocated a team of 2 virtual receptionists who answer all calls for their company and manage their account. Allocating a small team has helped to ensure that the receptionists have built up good knowledge about Absolutely Fabulous and genuinely sound to callers as if they work directly in the company.

The virtual receptionists at eDivert offer a tailored telephone answering service to Absolutely Fabulous. Not only do they take the name, phone number and message of the caller. They also ask for postcode details as well as where the caller has found the company details. This information helps Absolutely Fabulous to be ahead with planning and quotations before calling their prospects back, as well as keep track of how their marketing campaigns are performing.

“eDivert provide us with an excellent standard of service which is both personable and professional…exactly the impression we want to give. Their assistance and efficient response to clients is a great asset to our business. Thank you eDivert.”

Tracy, Absolutely Fabulous Carpet, Rug, Upholstery & Stone Floor Cleaning,



eDivert offers Absolutely Fabulous a professional and cost-effective solution to ensure all enquirers’ calls are answered by trained virtual receptionists.

This has helped Absolutely Fabulous to ensure all enquiries are captured and no business is lost.

In addition, it has freed time up for Darren and his team to ensure the customers they visit receive their full attention. Enquirers are informed by eDivert’s virtual assistants that they will receive a call back as soon as one of the carpet cleaners is available. The fact that every caller speaks to an actual person and knowing that they will receive a call back, gives prospects confidence that they are dealing with a professional firm.

eDivert’s Telephone Answering Services have not only increased overall customer satisfaction immensely, but Absolutely Fabulous reckons it has increased customer loyalty by 30%.

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